Directed by Mark Collier

A unique collaboration between Box Tale Soup and Stone
Flowers, Gone is a fictional tale about the realities of
hope and survival.

In a land far from here, the inhabitants of the great city
of Home live a happy life, surrounded by fertile forests
and bright rivers. But one day the sky darkens, and a
cruel Storm shrouds the city, taking all they have and
destroying all they hold dear. Forced to leave Home,
join us as we follow one family on their incredible
journey across many bizarre and bewildering lands,
risking their lives in search of safety.

A remarkable tale told with beautiful handmade
puppetry, physical theatre and poetry, Gone is
inspired by the writing, experiences and true
stories of refugee music collective, Stone Flowers.

Stone Flowers is supported by Music Action
International and Freedom From Torture.

Running time: 70 minutes