Northanger Abbey
Directed by Robert Soulsby-Smith

Northanger Abbey follows unlikely heroine Catherine Morland
to Bath where she is introduced into Society and the delights
of the Gothic novel. We see her falling in love and watch with
horror as her overactive imagination gets the better of her.
It is a heartwarming love story with laugh-out-loud humour
and melodramatic Gothic horror!

We have tried to remain as faithful to the original work as
possible, taking the vast majority of the dialogue verbatim
from the novel. This, combined with the use of puppetry,
has made the production a favourite of Austen lovers
and sceptics alike!

" of the best and truest treatments, bar none,
in any dramatic medium..."
Libby Purves

I was completely mesmerised by this
enchanting production.
Joanna Lumley

Running time: 75 minutes